Call for Papers

  • Windsor Conference Attendees 2010

    Attendees of the Windsor Conference 2010

    For any queries regarding the subjects or submission procedure please contact Professor Fergus Nicol.

    Contributions are invited in the following areas:

    o Fundamental research
    o Applications
    o Teaching

    Papers may be theoretical, analytical or based on case studies. Sessions include discussion time and expert panel sessions.

    Paper submissions are now closed


    Some suggested topics:

    1) Comfort
    Comfort in different climate and culture
    Comfort  in mixed mode buildings
    Visual and acoustic comfort
    Ventilation and comfort
    Comfort outdoors and the impact of urban densification

    2) Occupant behaviour
    Models and methods, prediction and simulation
    Personal control and adaptive comfort
    Attitudes, education and opportunities in dwellings
    Effect on IEQ and energy use

    3) Modelling: Occupancy
    Radiant and convective systems
    Comfort and overheating in buildings
    Adaptive opportunities
    Implications from physiological variation

    4) Simulation and monitoring
    Where are the errors?
    How to predict comfort and IEQ

    5) The future of comfort research
    Impact of energy legislation on comfort
    Designing for comfort what are the barriers?
    Dynamic models of comfort

    6) New approaches to comfort teaching
    The future form of comfort standards
    The cost and value of comfort / discomfort
    Teaching diversity

    Papers may be theoretical, analytical or based on case studies. Sessions include discussion time, posters and expert panel sessions. A number of workshops are planned and suggestions are welcome. More information on workshops.

    Abstracts: Contributing authors should submit an abstract of no more than one page to the organising committee: 30th October 2015.
    Papers Accepted: Authors notified of provisional acceptance: End of November 2015.
    Full Papers: Deadline for submission of full papers for refereeing: 1st February 2016.