11th Windsor Conference


    Cumberland Lodge has informed us that all their conferences are now cancelled for the foreseeable future. Thank you all for informing us of your preferences, were we able to go ahead. Our apologies to those who were still planning, and looking forward to, joining us there.
    Because the Lodge is cancelling they are kindly not charging us for the booking. Our plans now are as follows:

    1) Publish the full Proceedings with the many great papers we are holding from delegates.
    2) In order to cover our costs to date, and future expenses (including website, paper management and registration systems, bank and card charges, office, auditing and accountancy costs and staff wages) each delegate will be charged the £200 Non Attending Authors fee, deducted from their registration payment. Those with papers they also want to include in the Windsor 2020 Proceedings, but who have not registered yet, must pay the £200 Non Attending Authors fee.

    We are so sorry that the Last Windsor Conference should end like this, but perhaps it is a sign of why we have been so important as a group of thinkers, wrestling with the challenges of providing comfort in a rapidly changing world. On that note there will be a comfort conference next year – CATE21 in Oman – building on CATE19, an offshoot of Windsor in Dubai in April 2019, Check out some of the excellent papers presented there in the Conference Proceedings and the discussions held in their various workshops can captured in the Legacy Document, all available at:
    www.comfortattheextremes.com We will let you know more about CATE21 in the near future.

    We would also like to thank those who have so kindly said they will waive their registration fees to make sure Fergus, Michael and I do not end up out of pocket at the end of this process. We will email you all individually with details of how, and when, we can repay you once the Lodge and the Card services company have released their timetable for returning funds to us.

    With all best wishes from
    Sue and Fergus

    (We shall so miss the Ping Pong, Dancing and Quizes, but mainly Your Ideas and Company)


    16th – 19th April 2020

    In this our last Windsor Conference ever, we hope to confront head on the critical comfort challenges posed by the climate crisis we are living through now, and passing on to our children. Papers are invited from members of the worldwide ‘Windsor Family’ of researchers, and from any quarter in research, industry or government where Big Ideas are being explored about:

    • Comfort in a heating world: evidence from the field
    • Creating resilient heating and cooling
    • New thinking on the better buildings design to cope with increasing climate extremes
    • Resilient comfort policy innovations
    • Technologies for resilient comfort 
    • The role of re-thinking and managing behaviours in affordable comfort for all
    • Comfort and energy use

    As always places are limited in Cumberland Lodge and registration will largely require the submission of a full paper.  In 2019 we reached out in a brilliant Conference in Dubai to explore the topic of Comfort at the Extremes, and that Conference is set to continue in the future.  The full proceedings and workshop reports from it may well chime with, and inform, papers you are planning to submit for Windsor 2020.  We look forward to an epoch making event then, as befits the Conference’s achievements over the last 26 years in helping to reset the international agenda for comfort and energy use in buildings.

    Fergus Sig
    Fergus Nicol
    London Metropolitan University
    Sue Roaf Sig
    Sue Roaf
    Heriot Watt University

    Papers from previous conferences are available in the history section, or on the NCEUB Website

    Provisional Programme available October 15th
    Registration opens October
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